Analysis Of Sarah 's Kendzior 's Article, Ferguson Won 't Heal

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In Sarah 's Kendzior 's article, "Ferguson Won 't Heal", she explores St. Louis ' history and contrasts it with it’s present, comparing the bitterness of race riots and the Michael Brown Shooting with the sweetness of cakes that pepper the privileged areas of the city. Kendzior 's article compares Darren Wilson 's administrative leave and the article of "The Grand Jury Says no Now St. Louis make the most of it" with the rubbing of salt in a wound; Ferguson 's explosive history combined with its inability to recognize sour race relations created a conversation on August 9th, one that ended in a death, and people still being blind to this ongoing conversation. Ferguson isn’t an anomaly or tragic event in the long history of Saint Louis, but symbolic of a larger pattern of the historic separation between whites and blacks in the city. Saint Louis celebrated its 250th anniversary as a city this year and as a result different artists were commissioned to make cakes to mark important places in the city. There were “few cakes in the black suburbs that {were} neither romantic enough for revitalization nor prestigious enough for investment. Civic abandonment is nothing to celebrate” (Kendzior). After looking at the cake sites it’s easy to deduce that all are located in predominately white neighborhoods/ areas and that the historically black areas of the city were left behind, unnoticed. This action speaks to the city’s history with blacks and race relations in the city at large.…

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