Analysis Of Sandra Cisneros 's ' Nineteen Years ' Essay

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Sandra Cisneros, an author who is deeply inspired by her Mexican American heritage. This inspiration is clearly shown throughout each and every one of her writing pieces, such as “Salvador Late or Early”, as well as “Eleven”. Both short-stories focus on adolescents with a mature mindset and adult precision, and each story does a marvelous job portraying Cisneros constant writing style. “Salvador Late or Early” is focusing on a young boy, Salvador, with heavy burdens to carry on his shoulders, which is unfortunate because he is such a young boy with an old soul. The responsibilities he has are unimaginable due to the fact they don’t pertain to his age. “Eleven” is a similar story, yet it contrasts in major details. This short-story is about an eleven-year-old girl named Rachel, a forthright character who explains the humiliating details of her eleventh birthday. Cisneros depicts her as helpless and embarrassed in front of her class, from Rachel’s point of view. On the other hand, the way Rachel narrates the short-story represents her mature perspective and adult precision. Each story written by Sandra Cisneros both demonstrate the point of view from which the story is told and the affect it has on the thematic purposes, the characterization and diction present in the stories, and the stylistic choice chosen by Cisneros, which is figurative language.
In “Salvador Late or Early”, it is a third-person point of view. In the short-story, it provides a visual of Salvador as a…

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