Analysis Of ' Run And America ' Of The Show Quantico Essay

1385 Words Oct 18th, 2016 6 Pages
Realism isn’t producing reality rather it’s giving a sense of reality in way that is easy to relate and understand by the audiences. This all is attained by making sure that all the links between the content and elements are proper and also sounds reasonable, while following the basic laws of cause and effect. In other words, realism is defined by “the way it makes sense of the real, rather than by what it says the real consists of.” (Fiske, 1987, pg. 24). Television shows try to connect people to the real world, as it captivates its audience through the heavy drama and emotions, with a certain code of conduct. This paper aims to analyze two episode “Run and America” of the show Quantico, and demonstrates how it constructs realism through fabricated evidences, fundamental truth and the closure that solved the crime.
Television shows tend to portray the essence of reality, where the audiences are shown the various challenges and life situations, which can be relatable to their own lives. One the most popular genres are the crime dramas, which provide insights of the crime scenes and how it’s resolved. Quantico is one of the latest American thriller show, which is based on terrorism, drama and conspiracy that makes it even more engrossing and fascinating to the viewers. This crime genre exhibits a diverse group of people, like Indian, American, and Lebanese and the conspiracy revolves around the attack on the American land since 9/11. Its intriguing, as the story spins…

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