Analysis Of Rough Justice By Alejandro Reyes

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Canning or death sentences, you may as well consider them to be the same thing. “Rough Justice” written by Alejandro Reyes, gives more reasoning toward the case of Michael Fay with the author's use of evidence. After carefully analyzing the two text, the reader realizes that the article “Rough Justice” has the most relevant evidence to support it because the author includes more facts and statistics which allows the reader to better side with his view. Throughout the article, Reyes provides the reader with strong facts to allow the reader to better understand what is happening. In the article Reyes states, “The Vandalism Act of 1966 was originally conceived as a legal weapon to combat the spread of mainly political graffiti common during …show more content…
For example in the Editorial, the author says, “There is a clear problem with this argument” (“Time to Assert American Values” 179). The sentence is highly opinionated because someone may not think that there is a problem with the argument that “dissidents, democrats and reformers in these countries are somehow less authentic representatives of their cultures than the members of the political elite who enforce oppressive punishments and suppress individual rights” (“Time to Assert American Values 179). This statement is bias based on the fact that democrats of our country are rebels and act out against what they do not believe in when someone may think the opposite. The author of any work can not provide the reader with their own opinions because it will be less likely that the reader will agree with what they are trying to say. In addition to the authors previous biased statements, he/she includes, “A case like Michael Fay’s is important because it provides a chance to challenge an inhumane practice that ought not to exist anywhere” (“Time to Assert American Values 179). The quote above shows us the author's view on what happen to Michael Fay when in reality, if you are trying to persuade someone to feel a certain way, you want to use facts and statistics not personal feelings. Even though the article did provide some evidence, “Time to Assert American Values” is an editorial and editorials are proven to be bias and focus on what the writer believes rather than factual

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