Analysis Of Rich Dad Poor Dad

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Rich Dad Poor Dad is an amazing book. I loved reading the book because of the way the author uses his personal story to reach the minds of his readers. The author also uses such an easy approach to present controversial ideas to his readers with the intention of getting them to embrace new perspectives about money. In this piece, I am going to highlight some of the points I picked from the book and how I relate to it.
The first point I got from the book is that one can be highly learned but ignorant about money. The book demonstrated that while one may be smart and attend the best schools, they may be utterly ignorant when it comes to financial knowledge. The author uses an example of his Poor Dad, who was his actual father, to demonstrate
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He recommends this by saying that one can attend financial education courses, read money books or attend forums on personal finance. He puts an emphasis on the type of misconceptions that people have been having about money for a long time, a subject that has greatly affects how people manage their money. The author says that people have some basic assumptions that drag them behind. For instance, he says that his Poor Dad believed that his home is an asset, whereas his Rich Dad taught him that a home is a liability. He says that a home requires bills, a mortgage and other expenses like taxes. He says that a home takes money from one’s pocket, thus should not be called an investment. The same applies for a car and other things people love to …show more content…
He says that the education system only trains workers and employees. He also says that the education system takes in students and produces workers in the end; people that have been trained to work for someone else. He says that that is why the best accountants work for other people. They get paid to help other people make money. The smart students that did well and joined the best institutions and focuses their energy in the acquisition of the best skills get absorbed into the corporate world where they work for all their lives, continually making their bosses

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