Essay on Analysis Of Religion Gives Meaning Of Life, By Louis P

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Critical Analysis Paper # 3
Analysis of “Religion Gives Meaning to Life,” by Louis P. Pojman
In this article, “Religion Gives Meaning to Life,” Louis P. Pojman believes that religion, but mainly a theistic religion gives purpose and meaning to life. Pojman feels that, since people cannot prove that theism is true or not true, then therefore, people should live like theism is true. A world with theism, living life following a higher being would be a better world than living a life of self-governing, autonomy. Lastly, Pojman believes that living in autonomy is not really affected by having a religion or faith but instead religion may help everyone’s autonomy because they will have more purpose for their personal goals. On page 658 in the fourth paragraph, Pojman states, “… it may be a good thing, to live as if theism is true.” Theism allows people to come together for the better good of everyone and themselves. Theism ensures a purpose to life and comfort. Living in autonomy gives people their true right to all freedom, however having no boundaries in what is good or bad moral or guidance can lead to world of destruction and suffering. A self-governing life allows people to receive their goals of self-interest at any cost.
In autonomy life, people would no longer have the moral feeling to do right by others. They would have no reason to help and care for others because their main priority would be themselves. This will allow people to do good things…

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