Analysis Of Rae Sremmurd 's No Type Essay

715 Words Dec 15th, 2014 3 Pages
Rae Sremmurd’s “No Type” is a great example of a song that sounds like every other rap song on the radio. Making use of the words “bad bitches” and “nigga” gives a negative set of ideals or purpose that often has a negative influence over the modern population (RaeSremmurdVEVO, 2014). Using the same melodies, tones, and word pronunciations the song becomes recycled, thus giving the modern population an idea of what is common and what isn’t. Consistency is a “must” in modern day music using the same set of distinguishable rhythms, rhymes, and melodies. Our culture is forcing a model of what is popular which often changes what we contemplate to be right and wrong. Thus, this alters what we consider acceptable and what is not from modern culture. While not all rap music is exactly the same or their songs might have a meaning or purpose, the recycling of music is not a good thing because it takes away from innovation. Grasping the significance of recycling when it comes to music or art is quite difficult; it could be used to transform ideas, thoughts, or meanings. It could be used to change the way we think towards people, places, things, or ideals. In terms of popularity we often refer to a horde mentality (thinking as “one”). What does this say about modern society, does it say that we are all the same? Could it be that we are scared of being different for fear of not being the same, or does it have some other importance altogether? Rae Sremmurd’s “No Type” is a very popular…

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