Analysis Of Quad Council Competencies For Public Health Nurses

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Patient advocacy does not require nurses to agree, promote, or tolerate any demographic on a personal ideology. What nursing and healthcare does require is professionalism which dictates “[c]ulturally competent nurses…..recognize the harmful effects of ignorance, hate, ethnocentrism, prejudice, and bias on the health of their patients”. (p. 113) Advocating for Lia would necessitate an examination of her social determinates and propagate care that would produce the best patient outcome even if it requires a variance from normal practice.
Introduction to 2011 Quad Council Competencies for Public Health Nurses
The Association of Community Health Nurse Educators (ACHNE), the Association of State and Territorial Directors of Nursing, the American Public Health Association Public Health Nursing Section (APHA) and the American Nurses Association coalesced their knowledge and created a Quad Council to improve the voice for public health nursing, and to develop competencies to qualify those who work in the public health field. (Swider, Krothe, and Cravetz 2013) The council developed a tiered competency model to address the topics at a nurse generalist, unit leadership, and an executive leadership level. Each tier should have its individual focus to improve patient care and together will create stronger health care unit. Tier one nursing is directed at a small individual or family unit, while tier two nursing is competencies for implementations and developments for policies to…

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