Analysis Of ' Pullman ' By Malcom X Essay

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“Nobody can give you freedom. Nobody can give you equality or justice or anything. If you’re a man, you take it.” As said by Malcom X, this quote promotes the go getter attitude that those of an oppressed community must possess. Upon reading this line, I couldn’t help but think that it fully summarized the course itself. While discovering the many neighborhoods in Chicago, it seemed apparent that each carried its own vibe. From the affluent area of old town to the modest area of Pilsen, each neighborhood displayed power, race and masculinity in its own way. Grasping these concepts through photographs may be the most effective way to understand the atmosphere within each neighborhood. Photographing certain areas almost forces you to uncover the significance the objects, people or art hold.
From the influential street art in Pilsen to the historical background of Pullman, power seemed to be the mutual theme. Power within communities to me marks the amount of input and involvement each community has. How much recognition a community demands and how they demand it is also a big factor. Popularity of a community by no means entails power however power should produce popularity. The Pullman area is a highly respected area due to its lineage of hardworking men who sought to create Pullman the place to be. Although very respectable, Pullman does not receive the credit it should. This lack of recognition also follows through with the neighborhood of Pilsen. Pilsen faces big…

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