The Influence Of Language And Gender In Advertising

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We are constantly influenced by our surroundings. We are told what to wear, how to act, what is out of the norm and what is accepted in this world. According to Ahearn (2012) “linguistic anthropology usually concerns how language reflects and/or shapes some aspect of social life” (pg.32). In the class textbook “Living Language”, the chapter on Language and Gender, made me think about the gender messages conveyed through language in advertisements, media, society and our surroundings. Although we try to be different we are constantly shaped and influenced by our environment. We try to be unique individuals, but we lack the ability to see how language in advertisements, television, magazines, Internet and movies reflect and shape gender. Advertisements …show more content…
Women are often seen in advertisements as sex objects. Fast Food companies such as Burger King and Carl’s Junior have used women in their commercials as sex tools to promote and sell their product. These commercials are unrealistic depictions of the female gender role. When women are used in commercials in a sexual form it delivers a message to younger women that our power is our beauty and body. These commercials inform viewers that women are powerless and submissive to the dominant gender. In commercials males are always put in positions of power or dominance. A male is never used as a sex tool to sell a product. The majority of commercials depict male along side of the product never behind the scene. Commercials like these continue to maintain gender differences. This factor can be one of the many causes that influence gender asymmetry, which maintains gender inequality. Advertisements that display such images can have a negative impact on both genders. Young women who see these advertisements can feel pressured to look a certain way. Men can also be negatively affected and feel pressured to be strong and successful. Both men and women can be negatively impacted and develop depression, eating disorders, and …show more content…
According to Ahearn (2012) gender is influenced by social norms, culture and practices. Looking at my own family members I have grasped that there are certain expectations depending on ones gender. I have grown up in a Hispanic household were gender roles are traditional. It is no secret that Hispanic families have certain gender roles for males and females. According to Rlombardo (2014) a male’s primary role under the Hispanic culture is “machismo” which means he is the provider of his family. Growing up in a Hispanic household, I have come to learn that we continue to go by these traditional gender roles. Men work and protect their family from any harm that can come to them. Males hold their family together by protecting and providing for them. I have also noticed that boys are taught not to cry or show any emotion that can make them look weak. A Hispanic male needs to be strong and fearless. On the other hand the role of a female in the Hispanic culture is to be a caring and loving. The gender role of a female in the Hispanic culture is to be patient, passive, and dedicated. Mothers are expected to be housewives and do household chores, cook, and devote themselves to their family’s needs. Women in the Hispanic community are self-sacrificing. These traditional gender roles are learned at a young age. According to Ahearn (2012) “children either

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