Analysis Of 'Princeofhell'

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He had to give his old self some credit. Although he stalled until 5:02 p.m., when he knew perfectly well that Baekhyun always skipped self-study at school because he was a memorizing genius, Kyungsoo eventually initiated the conversation.

Princeofhell: Hi. corgiluver92: what
Princeofhell: Hey. corgiluver92: I’m annoyed w u rn dks corgiluver92: *Do Kyungsoo!!
Princeofhell: i’m sorry corgiluver92: ur wot m8
Princeofhell: stop being weird
Princeofhell: dumbass corgiluver92: i’m hurt corgiluver92: u hurt me
Princeofhell: I’ll buy you sausage. corgiluver92: buy me the most expensive n ill forgive u ^^
Princeofhell: all of my money...ㅠ.ㅠ corgiluver92: u won’t regret it kyungsoo-yah~ corgiluver92: bffls 4 life
Princeofhell: i’m starting to regret
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corgiluver92: nah
Princeofhell: ? corgiluver92: if i eat more ice cream i’ll get fat
Princeofhell: Are you okay? corgiluver92: yeh im good
Princeofhell: I know you’re lying.
Princeofhell: I will not hesitate to kick your ass. corgiluver92: soo!! corgiluver92: im feeling a little under the weather is all!! Nothing to worry about kyungsoo-yah!!
Princeofhell: hyunnie you know i love you right?

[call from
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“The crush you’re not over yet.”

“Stop talking to Baekhyun. He’ll infect you with dumbassery.” He could only handle one Baekhyun. He didn’t need a Baekhyun infused Jongdae.

“He’s my partner for the songwriting class. I told you about it yesterday. Were you even listening to me? I swear, I don’t know what goes on in that pretty little head of yours half of the time.”

“It doesn’t mean you have to talk to him.”

“Only you would ever do that, Kyungsoo-yah.”

Kyungsoo rolled his eyes and opted for the silent route again. It might work this time.

Jongdae was unbothered by it. He leaned forward, a mischievous smile on his face. “So, this Junmyeon, does he like you?” Jongdae quirked an eyebrow and his smile widened at Kyungsoo’s blank face and continued silence. “Oh? Are you willing to play a game to find out?”

“No.” Kyungsoo had better things to do. Like eat spaghetti and make fun of his friends for doing stupid things. These were more useful ways to spend his time.

“I know you like to play games too. I’ve seen you. We would work well together, I think.” Jongdae’s smile was frighteningly similar to the Cheshire Cat’s smile.

“I don’t play well with

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