Analysis Of Police Brutality And Racism Against African Americans

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My research was mainly focused on police brutality and racism against African Americans. The key findings in my annotated bibliography were, (1) African Americans who have not violated any traffic laws are stopped and frisked by the police, (2) African Americans are ticketed by police more than whites, (3) African Americans are often handcuffed and humiliated by the police compared to others (4) In general African Americans have the fear of police at all times while driving, (5) African Americans are more often discriminated by the police and the studies show that police are an extension of white supremacy, (6) Based on surveys, majority of the people involved in the surveys had a negative view of the police, (7) brutality and racism of police …show more content…
This means I was challenged, to second think almost everything that I previously knew about some of the topics discussed in my culture 320 and other classes. I feel I have acquired actual knowledge, discovered ways for critical thinking, something which I have not achieved in at least 25 of my total 27 classes that I have taken so far both in Northern Virginia Community college and at George Mason University.
Section E
In my future coursework, I am planning to continue to work on critical thinking and expose myself to acquiring more knowledge through independent research specifically on the issues and challenges of minority groups in the United States. This became an extremely important issue to me after conducting my research on the police brutality against African Americans. In order to understand all aspects of why the minority groups in the United States are marginalized and treated differently, I might need to expand my knowledge on economics and mainly the neoliberal polices.

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