Pokemon Go Research Paper

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Pokémon Go is set to hit the UK Market anytime now! The app itself has already dominated areas across the world. Althought the UK has not got an ‘official’ download just yet, hundreds of people have found a way to get it early. Assuming from todays demand, many more downloads are expected throughout the next few weeks. Prepare for a world of your youth! It has already been predicted, Pokemon Go will surpass the leading social media platforms such as Twitter!

Now, you may ask what this could do for you business ... well, in small talk, a lot! Small Business owners are already reporting high level of sales and presence to their location. To find out more ... keep reading, as we tell you the in and out of the new craze, and how to optimise your business ready for the surge.
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Pokémon Go accesses your smart phones GPS, this allows the game to track your location and use ‘real-life’ scenes as you go on the hunt for your next Pokémon capture, Gym Battle or even pokecentre. Players must hold up their Smartphone whilst looking down at the screen in order to locate any nearby Pokémon. Once a Pokémon is found, the player must use the in-app pokeball in order to capture and add it to their list. This syle of game is known to be ‘Augmented Reality’; we assume the game can only develop further as the likes of Virtual Reality helmets are pushed into the market.
The overall game makes sure that players explore the world we live upon, due to the geo-locations of each Pokémon. The more the player moves, the more Pokémon that will appear. As the saying goes, each player wishes to be best trainer, like no one ever was and ultimately, catch them

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