Essay on Analysis Of Poem I, Too By Langston Hughes

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Explication of poem I, too by Langston Hughes
In the poem “I, too” by Langston Hughes, an African-American man expresses his demand about equality and arouses others to pursue against racism in America. The writer uses short but explicit language that brings the topic to a direct and clear understanding. His constant belief of improvement and change allow a positive outlook throughout. He exclaims his importance and value and doesn’t allow himself to show any weakness in his description that would diminish his existence in comparison to others.
Through short, precise language, the writer points out the theme of the poem that contains freedom, equality and unity.
The writer’s point of view needs to be taken under consideration. In his poem, the reader can feel all actions in such a realistic way since Hughes is directly speaking from the heart. He lived in a time, the Harlem Renaissance and racism was always a given matter and problem in this time. His own experience with the issue helps to express it greater and gives his writing a closer and more alive view. With his writing he allows his audience to not only read his words but also give it a sense of own experienced parts in his life. His race is African-American and he expresses this in the poem. Hughes writes about how he is currently discriminated, but this does not decrease his hope and in becoming an independent and free-willed man. He speaks from the perspective of an African-American and so the topic seems to be…

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