Analysis Of I Too Sing America By Langston Hughes

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Born February 1, 1902, Langston Hughes was one of the most honorable and outstanding artists of the 19th century. Hughes began writing at the age of 14, after moving to Lincoln with his mother and stepfather. After finishing high school Hughes became very nomadic, he spent a year in Mexico, followed by a year in New York to study at Columbia University, he even sailed across the world when he was a seaman! He was able to finish college at Lincoln University additionally he was able to publish his first novel. Hughes is one of the most honest leaders who was able to change America through his assertive and honest literature that portrayed the views of African American lifestyle at the time. His confident themes were able to shape the Harlem Renaissance and baffle the media throughout the 19th century. …show more content…
He uses the narrator to symbolize the entire African American race that was being signalized and discriminated, Hughes quotes “I Too, Sing America” to signify that his race also takes pride in his country even though they are being discriminated by the definite race. The theme of the poem is to show how confident the African Americans were at their time of

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