Analysis Of Pico Iyer 's ' Why We Travel ' Essay

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In Pico Iyer’s essay ‘Why We Travel’, he stated that when people travel to new places, they become the carrier and a mirror of their native culture. Peter Hessler and Luke both had their unique experience in China. Although staying in different environments, the two Americans had similar experience of having a deeper understanding the local culture and value. Their long term’s stay also allowed them to serve as the spokesperson of their country. This paper will explore the details of Rivertown and “Chinese Checkmate” to appreciate how people exchange their cultures and values when travelling.
Both Peter Hessler and Luke were quite unfamiliar to the place they visited. In Rivertown, Peter Hessler went to Fuling with another companion where no Americans had been there for half a century. Before he arrived there, he knew almost nothing about the city. It was the similar case with Luke when he unexpectedly got into the detention center in Shenzhen due to an unsolved entanglement and unfamiliarity with Chinese legal system. Hessler was going to volunteer as an English teacher over there for two years while Luke had an eight-month’s detention adventure waiting for him. Interestingly, Hessler was treated as a very special guest during his stay in the college. In contrast, Luke was exposed to probably the worst living condition he ever had in Shenzhen where he had to squeeze in a 500 square foot room with his inmates.
Both two persons were being closely “observed” and “evaluated” in…

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