Essay Analysis Of Peter Singer 's ' The Good Life '

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In this paper, I will summarize and compartmentalize the main idea and arguments made by the philosopher Peter Singer in his excerpt from How Are We to Live called The Good life. Singer starts off the excerpt asking the audience why are we so connected for our kin, and later expounds on that question by asking why is it that we are people starting to care for strangers. These questions help birth the main idea of the excerpt which is the power of the brain and how it sets us apart from all other species by giving us the ability to reason. This main idea branches off into three parts first being what does reasoning do for us, secondly, how is reason connected with the ethical, and finally, how does “the point of view of the universe” help aid our reasoning. Singers highlights the importance of the brain and how it gives us the ability to reason, but why is reasoning so important. At the most basic level, Singer says reasoning helps us to survive, reproduce, and gives us the capacity to care. It is well known that humans do not have the strength of a gorilla or the speed of the cheetah, but we make up for it with brain power and the ability to reason. Using those tools has allowed us to surpass their strength and speed by developing machines that can lift more than a gorilla and modes of transportation that leave cheetahs in the dust. Singer compares reasoning to an escalator because it leads us upward and out of sight. He makes this comparison because we had no specific…

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