Analysis Of Peter Hawkins 's ' Once Of A House On Fire ' Essay

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Explore Ashworth’s presentation of Peter Hawkins in the text ‘Once in a House on Fire’. How does she create and develop feelings of dislike for him in the reader?
‘Once in a House on Fire’ was set in the 1970’s Manchester, where she was born. It is a memoir that Andrea’s writes to express her difficult childhood and the idea that she uses detailed sensory language, as if it was portrayed like a novel. Throughout her life she suffered untold sadness from the death of her father to the introduction of her new stepfather. This essay explores Andrea themes of emotional, physical and mental abuse, which is prevalent throughout the text. The essay has an exploration of many specific language techniques and sentence types to build a negative impression of Peter Hawkins.
The author uses the simple declarative sentence “Boots brushed and scraped on the door mat” (pg.4), to portray aggression and to create the sense of suspense, making the reader feel anxious for Andrea. The use of symbolism expresses that, Peter one of the main protagonists is a predator. So she feels threatened and uncomfortable by his presence. Ashworth illustrates sensory language through the word ‘scraped’, implying that Peter is sounding rough or harsh, like a bull marking his territory on where he stands in the household. He purposefully displays intimidation to his own selfish advantage. Emphasising the point that Peter manipulates fear to gain control.
Moreover, “broken noses, affairs and drained whisky…

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