Analysis Of Percy 's Essay ' The Loss Of The Creature '

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. The typical common reader is someone who has the symbolic complex. A common reader may be a person who limits themselves to what is in the text. In Percy’s essay, he talks about the work of the symbolic complex. When he mentioned the symbolic complex that is likely to be the common reader. Someone who just views what is in front of them and may not look into the meaning of the text that is being read. This is exactly like the regular vacationer Percy discusses in his essay. This individual is not liable to remove the huge importance of the content or the underlining meaning the author is attempting to explain, much like the basic vacationer missing the genuine excellence of the Grand Canyon. It is likely that the common reader does not scrutinize the content. They do not take into consideration how things associate and how these associations can get you to the writers underlining purpose of the essay. Reading Percy’s essay as a common reader I saw the title as it was written: “The loss of the Creature” being an actual weird creature. When he gives the example, a man in Boston who decides to spend his vacation at the Grand Canyon. He visits his travel bureau, looks at the folder, signed up for a two-week tour. He and his family take the tour, see the Grand Canyon, and return home to Boston. May we say that this man has seen the Grand Canyon (459)? As a common reader, I saw the tourist at the Grand Canyon taking a tour with his family and enjoying their vacation. They…

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