Ancient Rhetorics For Contemporary Students: Book Analysis

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Introduction: The curriculum for English 1320 calls for a primary textbook that teaches students writing techniques along with helping students improve their writing skills. The primary textbook used for this class is Ancient Rhetorics for Contemporary Students (ARCS). This textbook goes into great detail about the writing techniques used by the great writers of the past, but the problem lies in that this book provides no help in actually teaching the students different ways to improve their writing. This book overall seems as if it only provides definitions and overall it is difficult to understand. Although the title claims that this textbook is meant for contemporary students, this book in truth is not relatable to modern society. It …show more content…
By changing the textbook, the students will be able to have a better understanding of the concepts that English 1320 is trying to teach. The book gives readers information about the rules of writing, breaks the essay down step by step when writing it, and also includes techniques on how to revise and edit the essay before turning it in. The new textbook is much more affordable and students have easier access to it. With the high textbook prices that college students have to face, having a textbook that is both affordable and at the same time provides excellent information will be one less burden that the students have to deal with. Students taking College Writing II will not have to face the confusion that ARCS creates due to its difficult and not relatable information. Changing the textbook will also let professors teach easier lessons and teach their students to apply more relevant …show more content…
The best option would be to find an alternative textbook that provides and achieves the same purpose as the original textbook but conveys the information much more efficiently. Helping the students of UNT should be the university’s most important mission. A university should have their students’ best interest at heart. They should provide a class that is beneficial because the lessons that will be taught will stick with the students and be applied in their life. The students are the future, and giving them the best will allow them to reach their highest potential. Not only that, but by providing an excellent curriculum, the students are more willing to invest more money for this class. Logically speaking, it will benefit the university if the students are satisfied with the education they are receiving and it could potentially bring in more students to the

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