Essay about Analysis Of Passer And Smith ( 2015 ) Described Intelligence

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Passer and Smith (2015) described intelligence to be defined by culture. So if culture is an underlying factor of intelligence it can become a problematic issue when assessing Indigenous Australians. Gardener’s multiple intelligence theory, along with Charles Spearman’s g factor theory and Lewis Terman Standford-Binet scales are all underlying theories which all address the same issues in the accuracy of assessments. Literature suggest that language, literacy skills, education and cultural norms across Western and Indigenous culture differ which can result in an inaccuracy of intelligent and cognitive assessments.

Intelligent and cognitive assessments: the accuracy of results on Indigenous Australians
Intelligence can be a difficult concept to define as there is no real one defining definition that stretches across all cultures. To be intelligent is considered to have the ability to require knowledge, to be able to think and reason effectively and the ability to deal adaptively with the environment (Passer & Smith, 2015). However, intelligence can also be defined as multifaceted which is explored through Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences.

Intelligence can also be defined as general intelligence introducing Charles Spearman’s theory of the g factor. The famous standard intelligence quotient (IQ) test is one of the many ways in which one can assess intelligence through Lewis Terman Stanford-Binet scales (Passer & Smith, 2015). Another way to test…

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