Analysis Of ' On The Subway ' By Sharon Olds Essay

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A person could have an entirely different life compared to another person by the diverse opportunities given throughout life. Also, children can differ and have different experiences during their childhood depending in which environment they grow up. These settings, including schools and homes, can define the future of the child. They could become the president of America or even a criminal. Even history has shown how people of diverse ethnicities had opposite experiences throughout long years. Many African people were brought to America and worked as slaves while Europeans took advantage of them during the colonization of the New World. The “intentional scars” created during these events lead discrimination to become standardized in the world, and most of the people judge other people based on their racial background (Olds 4). Even though the narrator in “On The Subway” by Sharon Olds uses specific details and imagery to express her judgment towards the boy seating in front of her, she is exposing the reader to visualize how people can differ with the opportunity given throughout life. The narrator uses imagery and precise words to express her thoughts and ideas about how people can differ from each other because of the different opportunities given throughout life.
Even though the narrator never mentions that she is riding the subway in the poem, the reader can see an image of the woman and the boy seating across each other. The first few lines help the reader imagine…

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