Analysis Of Oklahoma Education 's Education Essay

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Analysis of Oklahoma Education
Oklahoma’s Education has progressively gotten worse, significantly in the last five years; this is the result of poor budgeting, lack of resources for poorer districts, and our negligent teaching program. If education continues to be handled this carelessly, we will be left with a state full of uneducated and ill-prepared children. School is supposed to be preparing us to be the best we can be once we are out on our own. Instead, we are conforming to this broken system and then we are thrown out into the world with limited knowledge on how to function. And we do this because we aren’t making education a priority in our country; therefore, it doesn’t matter to most people whether these kids, who are walking out into real life, are prepared or not. It also costs a lot of money and the right budget to fix all of the problems surrounding this issue.
When doing the research for this topic, a noticeable problem mentioned is poor budgeting. Somehow, leaders continue to be elected that don’t have education on their mind. It’s obvious they don’t, looking at the figures. Currently, we only spend about $3,000 on each student (Willert, 2013). Compared to other states, the difference is uncanny; for example, the state of Alaska spends approximately $18,000 per student. Governor Mary Fallin said that education remains a priority for her, but then she cut school funding by $97 million (Willert, 2013). It doesn’t matter if these leaders say that it’s a…

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