Essay about Analysis Of ' Oedipus ' And ' Antigone '

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In the novel Oedipus Creon cares for his family more than anything this is shown when travels to Thebes to help not only the people of Thebes but his family get rid of the plague “I sent Menoeceus’ son Creon, Jocasta’s brother, to Apollo, to his pythian temple”(70) creon drops everything and travels to assist them in the problem that has arised some might suggest hat this could have been a test by both Oedipus and the Gods. Creon was never pressured to take action or help the people he could have just sat back and seen Oedipus fall to his death so he could obtain his rightful throne which was appointed to him by Laius, but as one can see he went and found the reason why the plague was put on Thebes proving his care and dedication to his family. Near the end of the novel Oedipus appears on the stage and is seen as horrendous because of the pins that were pushed in his eyes, this is when Oedipus explain that his self-mutilation was done in agony because he cannot look at his loved ones for he has defiled them especially Ismene and Antigone(1490) one can see how when this happens creon is there for Oedipus and brings him inside to but not only the chorus to be at ease but also Oedipus. Creon shows how the bonds of family can withstand many hardship including this one that has come upon Oedipus.
Creon abandons his family and himself as a person this is what leads him to madness and having nothing but his throne. Creon was asked by Oedipus to take care of his two daughters…

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