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Odysseus 's Persuasions To Get Achilles to the Achaean Line
What do you give a man who has everything? The Trojans were defeating the Achaeans in war. Agamemnon declares the war a failure and that they should return back to Greece in shame. Nestor suggest that Agamemnon needed to send three men back to persuade Achilles to come back to the Achaean line and fight in the war. Agamemnon agrees to send his three strongest men, Odysseus, Ajax, and Phoenix. Each man had their own approach of how to get Achilles to come back with them. Odyssues 's approach began by complimenting Achilles and attempting to make the great warrior open minded to the seriousness of the military situation. He then began bribing Achilles with all of the gifts Agamemnon was willing to give to him, including one of his daughters hands in marriage. Odysseus made one final request that if he hates Agamemnon as much as he said he did, then he should come back and fight since they are being defeated so bad. Achilles rejected his plea instantly. Odysseus attempted to persuade Achilles to come back to the war using multiple approaches, but unfortunately it did not work.
Odysseus first started his speech by toasting to the guest at the feast and admitting that the only thing on their minds was not the feast but the disaster of the war. Odysseus, a prideful mortal admitted to being afraid stating , "But it 's not the flowing feast that is on our minds now-no, a stark disaster […] Achilles bred by the gods,…

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