Analysis Of Nuria Chinchilla 's Work And Work Family Issues Internationally

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Nuria Chinchilla “was generally acknowledged to be a leader if not the leader in workplace flexibility and work-family issues internationally” (2). Nuria, by definition is a leader, someone who led others to deliberately generate an outcome that would not have been achievable otherwise. She spent the majority of her professional career advocating for the possibility of having balance in the workplace and home life. Leading in so many more ways than solely getting people to implicate her proposed reforms. Rather, she led by allowing her own life to be one in resemblance to that which she advocated for. Yes, she established new laws, launched programs for women executives and created a corporate award system, but more importantly, she signified hope in achieving actual equality. Her life stood as a source of empowerment and encouragement to all career desiring women. Proving to them that regardless of what society says, you are just as valuable and capable of pursuing and achieving everything you have ever wanted.
Nuria had various sources of personal power that aided in her ability too not only push her agenda forward, but to become a woman of great influence. Her ability to perform and accomplish all that she did was facilitated through her expertise in her field, her likeability or attractiveness to others, the amount of effort she gave and her integrity. She received her bachelor’s degree in law from the University of Barcelona where she then moved on to receive a…

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