Analysis Of My Musical Identity Based On My Life Essay examples

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People and music are inseparable as Macdonald (2008, 39) argues that ‘We are all musical. Every human being has a biological, social and cultural guarantee of musicianship.’ It is hardly possible to live without hearing music in daily life, and people has been building musical identity since they are born by negotiating through it. Thus, music is a significant matter in personal identity and analysis of one’s life can reveal one’s musical identity. This essay will demonstrate the analysis of my musical identity based on my life. In order to make it clear, my life is divided into four parts: from kindergarten to elementary school, junior high school, and high school. Then analysis will be given after each block.
I was born in Kyoto, Japan. Most of my family have an experience of playing musical instrument. My mother used to play flute and piano, and now a member of local chorus. My father used to play guitar, my sister used to play flute and piano, and my uncle used to play clarinet. When I was in kindergarten, I had no interests in playing musical instrument. My dream was to be a professional soccer player, and I joined soccer team in elementary school. However, it did not go well at all, and I realised that I have no sense of playing sports. It was a huge break down. Then I tried other activities such as swimming and karate, but none of them lasted long. I was depressed and even started to lose motivation to go to school. As a result, I often pretended to be ill in order…

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