Hiding The Truth In Macbeth And Aaron Hernandez

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Jack Alspaugh

Mrs. Wilkerson
English 12-1
31 March 2015 Modern Day Macbeth Hiding the truth is something all humans are guilty of at some point or another. Some people will go to extreme measures to hide their secrets from the world. Macbeth and Aaron Hernandez are two men who made mistakes and are then forced to commit crimes and other unlawful acts in order to hide the truth from the outside world. Bothe Macbeth and Aaron Hernandez committed crimes that were unforgivable, and then they both decided to try to cover up their mistakes instead of being truthful and owning up to them. Although both men had chances to own up to their mistakes, they decided it would be better to lie, cover up and cheat their way out of taking responsibility
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No matter how hard you cheat or how many rules are bent in order so keep the lie going. As the witches stated early on in Macbeth, “Fair is foul and foul is fair”(Shakespeare 2). This quote shows how it was the witches who could control things and no matter what Macbeth could never escape his true ending. Macbeth also says, “But is he not born of women”(Shakespeare 168). This shows how the witches cheated Macbeth by giving him a prophecy that they knew he would misinterpret. Hernandez in many ways has tried to cheat the system by having people lie for him and having others “cover up” for his actions. Both of these men are examples of trying to cheat out of a bad situation or mistake that has been made. Macbeth and Hernandez can be used as great examples of how to not show responsibility and own up to mistakes. Both men had opportunities where they could of changed course and went the straight and narrow. Instead however, they thought it would be easier to try to lie, cover up, and cheat their way out of mistakes. These men can be used as a learning tool for everyone about how you can always change paths and make the right choices before it is too

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