The Importance Of Characters In Macbeth

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Often, people make mistakes and end up feeling remorseful for their wrongdoings. They regret the person they once were and end up having to face the consequences of their mistakes. William Shakespeare’s play Macbeth portrays this situation through the character Lady Macbeth who gets caught up on her husband Macbeth’s future position at the throne. Her desire to make Macbeth the King of Scotland as soon as possible resulted in the occurrence of many mistakes including a few deaths. Using this as a central focal point for his novel, Shakespeare displays Lady Macbeth’s transformation beginning from her conquest to power to her unexpected suicide as a result of her assertive ways and her actions as an accomplice in murder.
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Macbeth still feels his throne is not secured as the second part of the prophecy called for Banquo’s son to be in line to the throne of Scotland, so he goes on to hire two murderers to kill Banquo, his son, and Macduff’s family. This is when Lady Macbeth makes her descend into insanity as she realizes that Macbeth’s ambition, which she fostered, has turned him into a murderous monster. We see Shakespeare depict Lady Macbeth’s transformation as a result of her guilty conscience. Guilt plagues her mind as she believes that she is at fault for pushing Macbeth to secure his place on the throne. We see this when she starts sleeping walking and is being observed by a doctor. She states, “The thane of Fife had a wife. Where is she now? What, will these hands ne 'er be …show more content…
Her perseverance to be the wife of the king and have power and glory coerced Macbeth to commit illicit acts and now she has to pay for it with self-reproach. Witnessing her husband’s ambition lead him to insanity as he goes on a killing spree becomes her undoing. She realizes that she may be to blame for always persuading him to stop being a coward and to go after what his fate said was his. Lady Macbeth’s treatment towards her husband caused him to change, a change even he notices when he states that he has “ almost forgot the taste of fears… I have supped full with horrors. Direness, familiar to my slaughterous thoughts cannot once start me.” (5. 5. 9-16) All this has weighed heavy on Lady Macbeth as she wallows in self pity due to her assistance to the murder. She regrets her sins of devising the plan to murder Duncan, and her guilt leads her into depression as she grows weak and unable to grapple her guilty mind. Consequently, Lady Macbeth ends up committing suicide due to her inability to cope with her culpable mind in Act 5 scene 5. For this reason, her passion, ambition, and obsession with power led her to her

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