Essay Analysis Of Michelle Alexanders 's The New Jim Crow

1668 Words Oct 17th, 2016 7 Pages
In Michelle Alexanders “The New Jim Crow” she discusses the problem the black community faces of not having fathers in kids’ lives. To start off she brings up a speech that President Barrack Obamas gave at the Apostolic Church of God in Chicago. Obama brings up the fact that in the African American culture there are way too many fathers missing from their families’ lives and how they are not taking over their responsibilities. Obama is asking for everyone to realize that the problem is real and is asking for people as a society to change the same story from continuously happening again. Although Alexander starts off with Obamas speech her intake on the problem is not the same. Shortly after presenting Obamas speech she brings up a critique of Obamas speech that was written by Michael Eric Dyson, a social critic and sociologist. Dyson expresses that Obamas reason for giving that speech was to keep the whites in politics, his own political gain and to give black people a stereotype. Alexander states that Dysons critique was a “fair one” but also says that Dyson mentions the social problems created by the missing fathers but does not state where these missing fathers have gone off to, this is when Alexander brings up prison. Alexander focuses on the irony of how President Barrack Obama would give such a speech on father’s day when most, if not all, of those missing fathers are under the criminal justice system. She makes it clear that these missing fathers are not out of their…

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