Mass Incarceration In The New Jim Crow By Alexander

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The New Jim Crow by Alexander is a book about the era of mass incarceration. Mass incarceration is the imprisoning of many people who are African American on the premise of their race. Mass incarceration was a political campaign. It was created to keep those in the minority as the underclass. It essentially created a caste system. The worst problem of all is the we, as America citizens, created mass incarceration and its effects to further widen the gap between the races. The theories that best explain the book are Symbolic Interactionism (labeling theory, looking glass self, standpoint theory), Weber’s rationality and rational-legal, Anomie, Marx & capitalism, conflict theory, power elite theory, Prison Industrial Complex, mass media and consumer …show more content…
Standpoint theory is seen with whites, elites, and blacks. Whites were so accustomed to seeing labels and policies that determined that blacks were inferior to them. Many were not educated on real issues, but were educated on bribery from political figures or the elite. They were bribed to believe things and do things that would keep their status, but keep blacks from gaining any, thus being controlled. The elite were engrained with such ideas, views, and beliefs about blacks since birth. The lack of caring, science, and more led to nobody trying to see the blacks side, except for blacks. Those whites who did side with blacks were often bribed back to the white side or seriously threatened with fear and violence. Blacks, being lower class, poor, and discriminated against viewed the world as ugly, mean, and whites as fearful and threatening. They viewed this way due to the torture and discrimination they received, unlike any other race. They were constantly stripped of rights and kept down no matter how far they thought they had gotten. These perceptions of races and the world they live in led to conflict. Standpoint theory is seen through how blacks and whites interpret the world. Whites see the black communities as criminal and dangerous. They also view crime there as bad and crime within themselves as not as bad. Whites will interpret the world in such a way that is a little carefree knowing they won’t receive harsh sentences and a life that is not targeted. Black are targeted, they do not live free, and are pushed in the ghetto with poverty. Blacks view the world as a trap, one that is hard to get out of. They view the police as helping but also as taking away all the men and children. Everything in their few is a two-edged sword. This is the way the perceive the world. Criminals perceive the world differently. They are shunned, blamed, and shamed. They

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