Analysis Of Michael Apted 's Series Essay

1666 Words Jun 8th, 2015 null Page
Michael Apted’s series teaches his audience that decisions that were made as youngsters can totally backfire once they start getting older. Apted’s documentaries are suggesting that decisions should be taken seriously because it can have severe consequences in the future. I think that when we are young, we mostly have dreams of becoming successful, but the mind hasn’t fully matured enough to think about the obstacles that have to happen. I do think education is important and if you start to comprehend the fact that you need it, and then you are on the right path. These fourteen kids define success in their own way, but when they do, I think that they are living in their moments and once they get older, they start growing and their ambitions also change. I think that coming from a different social class can intervene with education because having knowledge doesn’t reflect on your class status. I also believe that the series is showing its audience life lessons along with struggles and personal desires that I can say are portrayed in their experiences. I think these kids have learned the real value of education and some did succeed while others didn’t but in the end, they seemed happy to live in this world. First, I’d argue that there was an inequality with generalizing the girls and boys. Secondly, I’d argue that Apted’s film has a hidden message that reveals a different perspective of life because it gives the audience a glance to correct any mistakes they’ve seen in…

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