Analysis Of Metallica 's Song One Essay

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Metallica is considered one of the most influential bands in heavy metal genre. Metallica was influential and part of it was because of their experimentation they did within their genre of music. Metallica’s song “One” shows a different style of the band by showing a more serious side of heavy metal. The song is very complex and the music fits with the lyrical content. The music fits with the lyrical content because the music is somehow directing the tempo on how the lyrics of the songs are delivered. The meaning of the lyrics also works very well with the music because the music kind of adds meaning to the lyrics delivered. All these things are done by having long calm musical pieces followed by lyrics that are delivered very calm and philosophical. This is followed with another instrumental interlude that contains fast tempos and “blazing guitar passages (Speed metal) followed with more slightly energetic singing verses and an aggressive chorus singing adding a more emotional song. The calm/passive lyrics interchange with aggressive singing lyrics from time to time changing the tempo of the song and the instrumental interludes complements with the changing of the way the lyrics are delivered. The band Metallica was influenced by bands such as Black Sabbath, led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, and Motorhead which is clearly seen in their song “One”. The bands Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, and Deep Purple have a little bit blues rock and their influence is show in the song “One”…

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