Analysis Of Meredith, Ehrenberg And Clarke's Influence On Public School Students

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“There are also rumors of school officials coaching students on how to fill out there forms( Reese. 1998)”(Clarke 2007), these forms being surveys on the teaching quality of the school. This citation, rather than being a claim supporting Clarke’s article, serves more like a mood-setter that leads her readers into a state where its easier for the her to convey his ideas.

On the matter of these influences ' affects on students, Meredith, Ehrenberg and Clarke all agree that they are mostly negative, especially to students with less fortunate background, and implied or directly pointed out that public school students are suffering the most. Meredith claims that “USNWR ranking appear to have a greater effect on admission outcomes at public schools”
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All three authors recognize this responsibility of public universities. Both Ehrenberg and Clarke have brought up how ranking is jeopardizing students with less fortunate background’s chance of being admitted to college. Clarke claims that U.S colleges are investing large amount of money on student consumption benefits, and argue that this could lead to “reduction in the resources available for other activities, including those designed to recruit and retain students from traditional under-represented groups”(Clarke, 2007), and Meredith claimed based on her own research that public universities are less flexible when it comes to “adjust net tuition in response to changes in USNWR rank”(Meredith, 2004), both arguments are well supported claim of fact, showing the fact that the public universities are inherited disadvantaged in the competition for high ranking since some of it’s key values are in contrast with the values university rankings represent. This lead us with the questions of if traditional values of public universities need any revise, or if public universities be given extra credit for holding up some those old values for public

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