Analysis Of Mary Shelley 's ' Frankenstein ' Essay

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Victor Frankenstein was a selfish man who did not understand the responsibility associated with the creation of human life. He allowed Justine to die innocently and did not protect Elizabeth. The product of his selfishness opened a new world of horror and hate to the society in which he and his family lived. Mary Shelley opens the book with a bittersweet setting; which slowly; by the end of the book turns into a horrific tragedy. Victor Frankenstein lives a happy life with an adopted cousin named Elizabeth. All is well until he finds himself in love with the idea of creating life. This desire consumes him until he is successful. Eventually, Frankenstein destroys everything that is important in sustaining his happiness. The creation of life has always been a necessary and essential matter pertaining to all living things. Frankenstein selfishly made a creature and then left it; and when he did, he broke every rule in the parenting handbook. The monster wanted happiness and love, but Frankenstein was so focused on himself that he hid from the monster instead. This lead to Justine 's death. Frankenstein watched as Justine died for something his monster did. Later in the book after Frankenstein refuses to make another monster; he goes back to marry Elizabeth. He is so concerned for his own life that he takes no thought for his new bride. Elizabeth dies on their wedding night. Overall, Frankenstein lost everything, even his own life, in attempt to produce something that would…

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