Analysis Of Martin Luther King Jr. Essay

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1. What images or pictures come to mind when you think of race? Briefly describe two or three.
a. The first image that comes to my mind is Martin Luther King Jr. I believe he was a powerful force who desire was to bring people together. He wanted everyone (African American or European American) to have the same rights and to live together in peace. He tried to achieve this in a nonviolent way, because he knew violence was not the way to create harmony.
b. The second thing that comes to mind is Richard and Mildred Loving. During the 1950’s Richard and Mildred Loving feel in love and got married. The only issue with their marriage was that it was illegal because he was white and she was black and Cheokee. They were forced to leave Virginia or face jail time. During that time the moved to Washington and started fighting to have the laws changed. They were successful and won Lovings vs Virginia. I feel their story shows love transcends ethnicity.

2. Free associate. List the first 10 words that come to mind when you think of the word “race”.
a. Black/White/Brown/Yellow (colors)
b. Slavery
c. Hatred
d. Education
e. My work
f. Music
g. Richard and Mildred Loving
h. Martin Luther King Jr.
i. Stereotypes
j. Civil rights

3. What does racism mean to you? Give three examples of racism
a. To believe that one race is superior (has a higher rank or more preferable) over another and in turn showing prejudice and or discrimination towards another race(s).
b. Examples:
i. Not…

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