Analysis Of Marketization Of Education : An Ethical Dilemma Essay

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In the article, “Marketization of Education: An Ethical Dilemma” by Samuel M. Natale and Caroline Doran, Natale and Doran focus on how the priorities of higher education institutions have changed. The authors explain how the shift in these priorities affect the university, faculty, students, learning, as well as possible solutions to these problems. Natale and Doran start off by explaining how the priorities of the universities have shifted from giving students a meaningful education to making higher education more like businesses and how it affect universities and faculty. Natale and Doran begin with the conflict of how college institutes are trying to become more competitive and make a name for themselves without changing any of these standards and qualify of learning. College institutions do this by turning students into consumers and making their main concern to find out which program will bring in the most revenue and is the most cost-efficient. This cause the faculty to be more occupied in “financially productive research” (Natale and Doran 146) rather than giving the students a meaningful education. Next, Natale and Dorian transition from the effect on the universities and faculty to the effect on learning, students, and society. The authors explain that one of the dilemmas is that states view higher education as an independent income stream because of tuition. The problem with that is that students are forced to pay large amounts money for their education and…

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