Analysis Of Marjane Satrapi 's Persepolis Essay

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Peer pressure is difficult to withstand during teenage years, especially when teenagers are on their own far away from parents or guardians. In Marjane Satrapi’s memoir, Persepolis, the chapter titled “The Croissant”, does not suit the story in the chapter because most of the events that happened in the chapter have nothing to do with a "croissant ". The story was about a young girl named Marji, who was sent abroad by her parents during her early teenage years to study because of a war in her country and the lifestyle she led. Marji behaved like most teenagers who cannot withstand peer pressure. She was naïve, unfocused and trusting. “Teenagers and Peer Pressure” would have been a better title for the chapter.
One of the reasons why the title "croissant " does not suit the chapter is that Marji was naïve and being naïve can let somebody take advantage of someone by asking the person to run errands that are against the law or unethical. Marji had a boyfriend named Markus who was a drug user. Marji was used by her boyfriend to buy drugs for himself and his friends. Marji and Markus both knew dealing in drugs was a crime that would land someone in jail or to be expelled from school, but Markus sent Marji over and over to buy the drugs until she became an addict as well as the dealer for her friend. Also, she knew that the place where the drugs were being sold was dangerous for a teenager like her to go because most of the females who go to such places to buy drugs are sexually…

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