Analysis Of Madura Fashion & Lifestyle Essay

787 Words Apr 26th, 2016 4 Pages
For this assignment I stepped into the shoes of a Senior Consultant who is gathering information over the current IT system that Madura Fashion & Lifestyle has in place. Throughout the interview I am assuming that Madura has just hired a group of consultants who will be gathering information prior to making a recommendation of what system to use. The interview is taking place prior to Madura having knowledge of the Wooqer platform and is interviewing a Madura manager. The goal of the interview is to comprehend why Madura wants a new system and what capabilities they will need.
When developing questions to ask for an interview I quickly noticed that this was no easy task. I have participated in interviewing before, but the questions have always been given to me. I have never had to conduct an interview on my own and in order to develop effective questions I re-read the case. While re-reading I thought back to some of my initial questions I had reading the case for the first time. From there I developed questions that needed further explanation. I ordered my questions in a way that would first give the consultant an overview of what Madura is all about and what their values are. I began my interview with this question because in order to make a recommendation to a business you need to know the business and what they stand for. From there I developed questions that would give insight to the consultant on what the current system issues are. I ordered questions in a natural way…

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