Essay on Analysis Of Lying By Sam Harris

1081 Words May 19th, 2016 null Page
In the essay titled “Lying” by Sam Harris, when he states that “not all acts of deception are lies,” this does not imply that not saying the truth about a topic is not lying. Throughout his writing, Harris expresses the different situations. At times, humans may object that not saying the truth it’s the correct thing to do; in order to safe another being’s life. However, he also portrays examples of how “doing the right thing,” meaning to say a “white” lie, may not provide the positive result that we intended to obtain. For instance, in a situation where the mother is terminally ill and her son just died in a car accident, is keeping the truth from what happened morally correct? Many can argue that disclosing such harmful news can worsen her health condition; however she has the right to know the truth. In this first paragraph of this essay, Harris provides an ant anagoge technique by stating that women who use cosmetics are deceiving the public with a beauty that is not natural; and therefore they’re lying about their true appearance. In other words, the author says cosmetics are a mask used by women to mislead others, about their true appearance. According to Harris, when he states in the first line of his essay that “not all acts of deception are lies,” meaning that to be deceitful is a way to avoid saying or portraying the true facts about something; not necessarily means lying. With this statement, he contradicts himself with the previous example of women lying about…

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