Analysis Of Loesser 's Music On American Society Essay

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Loesser’s music reflects American society, including relationship practices as well as the heightened sense of nationalism throughout the Depression and the war. Loesser had just entered into Tin Pan Alley music when the depression hit. While the depression played a role economically it did not hinder the cultural advances because people looked to music as a source of entertainment. Due to the popular dances of the time courtship and romantic relationships were a vital part to maintain morale across the nation. Due to the lack of money flow, people looked for cheap entertainment like listening to music, radio shows, playing sports, or dancing. These activities often involved partners and when men were successful, it made them more desirable. Throughout this rough stretch in history, relationship practices thrived through The Dust Bowl and past World War II.
Frank Loesser’s music prior to his enlistment reflects the relationship practices. The first major hit that Loesser lyricized in 1934 was titled I wish I were twins. This song romanticizes the relationship between two lovers. One of the two lovers is so madly in love that they wish they could two people so they could love their significant lover more. This song runs a parallel to events taking place like the Dust Bowl which started in 1934. At the same time, the economy started to turn around and the spark of love continued because not only did the economy start to pick up but a social scene had been built around music.…

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