Analysis Of ' Lit ' By Mary Karr Essay

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Lit is a memoir about a young lady, Mary Karr, and her journey through an alcohol addiction that leads to her finding sobriety through faith. Mary begins with a brief family history and the challenges of her mother trying to kill her, and the addictions that run in her family. Then she transitions to her her post-graduation and college years of ignoring responsibilities on a beach and making the decision to get her life together and go to college. During college, Mary introduces a nice family that takes her in, the husband that happens to be her professor, and their attempt to be a support for Mary towards to a successful life. Mary realizes she is not ready to let go of her past or birth family, she fades away from her processors family, and begins working at a bar. Her new life includes getting drunk every night, and attending poetry readings of various disturbed poets that lead to more alcohol. During her post college years, Mary meets her husband, Warren, who does not care about her background, but loves her for who she is, and is also an aspiring poet who longs to escape his family plans. Their marriage is strong, until Mary continues to cave into drinking and Warren, just wishes she could get over it and be “normal.” After years of hiding behind alcohol, living under a repressive husband, and finally realizing she can do more with her life, Mary decides to attend Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) meetings. After months of attending AA, Mary choses to pursue a life of…

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