Essay about Analysis Of Lee 's Poem ' Great Earth '

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integrates all that surrounds him as part of his attachment and dependency shifting it as a whole of his existence (67-71). Through the author’s bodily image and its naturistic surroundings we learn that its environment is also connected with this theme of daily love not solely referring to humans, but to all things that exists on the “Great Earth” (92). The authors, similarly, structure their poems in the same direction, in terms, of how they begin and close their lines with the subject of the same person or thing. This is comprised with the display of love that exists within each past and direct experience. For instance, in Lee’s poem, the speaker initiates his father’s tenderness and love in removing the frightful “splinter” without integrating more pain into his palm and ending his last line with his beloved father. Thus, emotions aren’t revealed in their father-son relationship, “And I did not lift up my wound and cry,” (31) this shows how the speaker would not release emotions; but that changes towards the end when the speaker dismantles his love for his father: “I kissed my father” (35). In Snyder’s poem, the speaker embarks on the beginning of their bathing, “Washing Kai in the sauna,” (1) and closes his last line with the closing of their bathing: “Come out from the bath” (93). The poem’s starting and ending lines convey the love of interconnectedness with the “sauna” in how a bath would not be a bath without a being using it, and how it would not be created…

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