Analysis Of ' Lady With The Pet Dog ' Essay

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Anton Chekhov, Henry James, and William Faulkner, all twentieth century prominent short story authors, explore the particular theme of love throughout each of their stories. “Lady With the Pet Dog” portrays a married man, Dmitri Gurov, who while on vacation, usually flirts with many women that he encounters. However, he eventually falls in love with a woman who is also married and vacationing in Yalta, Anna Sergeevna. Although he gains feelings for the woman, the two are unable to have a normal relationship due to their marriages. Meanwhile, “Daisy Miller” similarly depicts how Frederick Winterbourne falls in love with a youthful Daisy Miller while both are on vacation. Winterbourne desires a relationship with Daisy; yet, full of spirit, she pays little attention to the idea of a relationship, for she wanders around meeting other men. While spending a romantic evening with one man, Daisy Miller contracts malaria, leading to her death. Daisy insists that someone tell Winterbourne that she never has relations with another man before she dies, explaining that her true love is for him. Moreover, “A Rose for Emily” exemplifies Emily Grierson’s passionate feelings for Homer Barron throughout the story. For instance, Emily is attached to Homer so much that, even after his death, she keeps his body locked away in an upstairs bedroom in her house. After Emily’s death, townspeople discover the decayed body of Homer, as well as a strand of Emily’s hair upon the bed beside him. Each…

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