Essay on Analysis Of Ladies Against Feminism

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Review of Ladies Against Feminism
One of the most successful forms of communication in the 21st century is blogging. Bloggers use all sorts of techniques in order to draw their audience in, whether it be through writing or visuals. There are many different kinds of blogs, and each blog tends to have some sort of theme. The blog Ladies Against Feminism uses rhetorical skills in order to reinforce the idea that females do not need to put their faith into feminism, but rather God. The primary audience of Ladies Against Feminism are religious, Christian women. The writers of Ladies Against Feminism use a graceful and organized technique in order to appeal to that audience.
The first appeal to the audience is the visual layout. The title of the website has the word “Ladies” in it and the website has a sophisticated look with pale flowers in the background and a bible verse about women as the header. This suggests a ladylike, proper and religious theme that would appeal to Christian women. There is a tag cloud on the side with different topics to look into. The largest tags are birth control, abortion, children, family, feminism, mothering, marriage, home making and woman hood. These topics tend to appeal to women, specifically mothers. The writers specifically chose these topics to be highlighted in order to demonstrate what they think womanhood means. These topics and this perspective on womanhood would appeal to other Christian women.
The writers use logos by utilizing a…

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