Analysis Of Knowles 's ' The Song ' Essay

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The song that I have decided to analyze is Formation, by Beyonce. Beyonce is a worldwide sensation in the pop music industry as well as in feminist culture. Beyonce originally started out in a singing group called Destiny’s Child, where she first became well known; once the group split, Beyonce started her own musical career and has not looked back since. In 2008, eleven years after dating, Beyonce and rapper and music producer Jay-Z married. Three years later, Beyonce became pregnant with their daughter, Blue Ivy. Since Beyonce’s rise to fame in the early 2000’s, she has a pretty permanent spot in the pop genre. Once Beyonce releases a new single or an album, expect for it to be on the radio, bought on iTunes or a combination because of her role in the pop music genre. Beyonce is signed to her own record label, Parkwood Entertainment. When analyzing the content of Beyonce’s song, formation, there were two common themes throughout the song, feminism and race. For many years now, Beyonce has been whitewashed by the media, but this song is allowed Beyonce to take back her salient identity, let people know that she is proud of who she is and she is not afraid to tell anyone.
The two common themes that I have identified in the song Formation are feminism and race. First is feminism.
As a self-proclaimed Feminist, Beyonce is proud to be a woman. In this song, she discusses non-conventional gender roles in her marriage. One of the first examples in the song, is the…

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