King Solomon 3-22 Analysis

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I Kings 3-22
Solomon has a dream where God asks him what his heart desires. Solomon responds to God by asking for wisdom to discern what is right, so God provides him a wise and discerning mind.
King Solomon is in a secure position with his kingdoms and his territory keeps expanding along with his wealth and fame.
During Solomon reign he writes proverbs which appeals to people of all nations including Kings. Hiram, the king of Tyre and King Solomon enter into a trade agreement of materials so King Solomon has what he needs to construct the Temple of Jerusalem.
Hiram has the cedar wood Solomon needs and Solomon the wheat and oil.
So, in May during King Solomon's fourth year as ruler he starts breaking ground for the temple. God
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Solomon also made Gold altar, lampstands, tongs, cups, basins, doors amongst other items to finish the Temple.
Once the temple is finished Solomon holds a huge dedication ceremony for seven days. The ark of the covenant is placed inside the temple and Solomon delivers a pray among all the people gathered to praise God.
God appears to Solomon once again but this time to praise him for his faithfulness and once again reminds him to remain loyal to him or else punishment will fall upon him and Israel. Also during this time Solomon builds the wall of Jerusalem amongst other things.
Queen of Sheba visits King Solomon bearing gifts for the wise king. She is blown away by his wisdom and immense fortunate during her stay.
Eventually, Solomon falls to the waste side and breaks God commandment about marrying foreign women with foreign gods. He ends up with 700 princess-wives and 300 concubines that cost him his kingdom and temple once he dies.
Rehoboam and Jeroboam fight over the kingdom of Israel. Rehoboam oppresses the people with whips and heavy taxation which forces a rebellion so he flees the city. Whereas, Jeroboam is made the new king over Israel and Rehoboam is made ruler over

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