Analysis Of Kanye West

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When you look at fans of professional wrestling, it can become pretty obvious who their favorite wrestler is, by the clothing, or merchandise, they wear. For fans of Kanye West, there’s a different similarity between pro wrestling fans and themselves. Kanye West fans do not have a definitive name, or way of defining themselves. There is no form for the group for some reason. However, they are still able to celebrate their icon and promote their icon in a positive way amid negative press he is prone to receiving. Although they aren’t well formed, Kanye’s fans still have a great impact on the artist’s social proof with them being the first to respond to anything Kanye related, the first to archive anything Kanye related, the main source of buzz …show more content…
2015 was the year Kanye announced “So Help Me God” and released “Only One” and “All Day”. Only One was released in 2015 on New Years Day without expectation. However, “All Day”, thanks to the community’s tendency to share leaked tracks, “All Day” was one of Kanye’s most sought after songs at that time. When Kanye is announced to perform on some sort of stage, a new thread is created for that one performance. This was no different for his Brit Award performance in 2015. It was on this stage Kanye performed “All Day” in full, live, surrounded by a bunch of men in black, with two men holding flame throwers firing it into the air. It’s sudden surprise, the fact all day was sought after in the community, and Taylor Swift dancing to the song while attending the event in a manner that many on the community related to, the release of “All Day” became an “Historic” event on the site. It’s reaction can be compared to a professional wrestling crowd reacting to the return of their favorite superstar. Everyone is celebrating an “accomplishment” they have worked so hard for. This continued throughout the year of 2015 as any time he took a major stage, users confidently stated “NEW MUSIC TONIGHT”. That never happened as All Day became the last song released by Kanye that year. However, there’s a reason why excitement during that time was so

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