Analysis Of Joseph Conrad 's Heart Of Darkness Essay

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The voice of the winner is the one who tells history, but often times there are many important perspectives that get left out. In Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness many such voices are forgotten and ignored. Most obviously the natives, but one particular group is swept even further to the side in this novel. That group is the feminine perspective. Throughout the novel there is an overall lack of appearance by women. When they are included in a scene their thoughts are hardly heard, and if they do get the chance to be expressed they are dismissed as whimsical and naïve. By closely examining the role women play in the novel a totally different perspective on the destructive nature of western imperialism begins to develop. One in which members of the dominant culture, specifically woman, are also affected and oppressed by the overbearing ideologies.
The first woman we meet in Heart of Darkness is Marlow’s aunt who got him the job with the company. She clearly holds some influence in the community if she is able to do such a thing, and this is something that Marlow sees as being ridiculous, out of the ordinary, and shameful, “I tried the women. I, Charlie Marlow, set the women to work—to get a job. Heavens!” When Marlow meets with his aunt before he leaves for Africa she discusses with him the great things she believes he will do, “weaning those ignorant millions [natives] from their horrid ways.” Marlow’s aunt is under the impression that the company she has gotten Marlow a job…

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