Heart Of Darkness And Natasha Trethewey's 'Black And Black'

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Black and White. The oldest battle in history. One represents evil white the other represent good. In The Dictionary of Symbols, black represent “chaos,” “dissimilation,” “passivity” while white represents “activity,” “ascension,” “purity” (Cirlot,43 44 45 52 54 56). The symbols make the idea of having two options: good, evil; black, white. The concept has been seen throughout literature: Heart of Darkness, Native Guard, To Kill a Mockingbird, The Devil in Tom Walker. These pieces of literature portray good in evil through the symbolism of black in white. Heart of Darkness and Native Guard by Joseph Conrad and Natasha Trethewey, respectively, both used black and white and create the idea of their being only two forces of nature. **Through …show more content…
In “Incident,” Trethewey describes how “the angels had gathered, white men in their gowns” (Trethewey 41). She describes them as being angelic. With this description, she is showing how the the whites are beautiful, angelic and pure. Angels are pure, and whites being described as angels makes them pure. Their purity gives them the right to be superior. She furthers the idea of superiority in the poem “My Mother Dreams Another Country.” She describes how the “dolls winking down from every shelf-- all of them white” (Trethewey 37). Showing that all the dolls are white creates the idea of whites being the favorable race and contender. They are so superior that all the dolls are modeled after them. They are the superior beings of the blacks. They are better. Conrad continues this idea in HoD. In HoD, Conrad describes the white accountant as being “amazing and [having] a penholder behind his ear” (Conrad 18). This description shows the white man as being better. He is elegant, amazing and even rich enough to have a penholder behind his ear. He is better off than others, making him better. Furthermore, Conrad describes how “Kurtz got the tribe to follow him” (Conrad 56). This depiction shows that Kurtz is powerful enough to make others want to be with him and follow him. He makes others bend their knee to him and obey him. He is powerful enough to make a tribe want to be with him, even though he killed majority of it off. The depiction makes whites look powerful and superior. The idea that a man can make others love him and be devoted to him even though he is evil makes them better. They can get away with things because they’re white. Behind white makes one better. They have a sense of leadership and superiority that makes them better. They live morally correct and need help from no one. Their self-sufficiency makes them morally better and

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